Poetry Blogging

I have been writing poetry for sometime (perhaps about a year) but have never publicly shared any. As I lack the backbone to perform any spoken word, I thought putting it on a blog might be a good alternative. Happy reading!


His mum and dad didn’t love him enough


Fascinators are no longer race day hats for this boy

Residing with the holy or artistic or otherwise

A spirituality of the senses

Erupts from the speaker

Preaching to the converted

From the thwarted gleaming gutters he digs up

Beats flirting with suicide

From beyond the headstone


Lauding their tenacious prodigies as himself

Relatability being the bedrock to which he makes his bed rock

Similarities ending with his manacled problems


A definitive sound appreciating a child-man ready for initiation

Hollowed iris’ craving approval in reciprocation

Virtual sanities becoming well versed for breaching borders

Is one step into madness too far

Still buttered balls of repeated slur slip his tongue

And like morphine small doses surface me

Or death be upon me

Pleasurably, in that moment


Chasing suede coats and dainty spectacles

Finding himself underneath layered threads

Defining, pruning, perfecting

And still listening

The bells calling his presence

For reflection in his bedded church


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